LifeSpring Hospitals

About Us - Briefly

LifeSpring Hospitals Private Limited (LHPL)

is a JV between HLL Lifecare Ltd (a Govt of India enterprise) and Acumen Fund of the US

LifeSpring Hospitals Private Ltd. is an expanding chain of maternity hospitals that provides high quality health care to lower-income women and children in India. It has an overall experience of having delivered over 70,000 babies.

Through its market-based approach, LifeSpring fills the void of high quality dignified maternal and child health care at affordable rates for India's low-income population.

LifeSpring’s model uses a market-based approach to achieve sustainability and scale. It utilizes a cross-subsidy model of tiered pricing that enables LifeSpring to charge low prices for the general ward, which makes up 70% of each hospital. The first LifeSpring Hospital opened in 2005 on the outskirts of Hyderabad in Moula Ali; it broke even and became profitable in less than two years of operation. Through its process-driven model, each LifeSpring Hospital is easily replicable in other locations, ensuring scaleability and supporting rapid expansion.

For the safety of pregnant women visiting LifeSpring Hospitals, we have taken several steps like:

Making dignified maternity care accessible